17 Delicious Dishes to Serve with Kabobs

  • By: Peter Allen
  • Date: 10/29/2020
  • Time to read: 9 min.

Kabobs make one of the favorite dinner servings, and it is amazingly rich in flavor. Many people prefer perfectly grilled kabobs because they are quick, versatile, and succulent compared to oven-cooked ones. Although they are gratifying, they are not good to satiate; therefore, they should be served with great side dishes.

So, what are the best side dishes to serve with kabobs? Surprisingly, steak kabob pairs perfectly with almost all other foods. Whether you opt to serve with your favorite grilled vegetables, sweet potato fries, grilled potatoes, salads, rice, or any other favorite dish, you will enjoy your perfectly grilled steak.

Are you wondering what side dish to serve with kabobs to give your dinner ‘wow’ factor? You have endless possibilities of the side dishes you can serve with kabob. In this article, you will find some of the savory side dishes that go very well with grilled kabobs. Here we go.

17 Delicious Dishes to Serve with Kabobs

  1. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are incredibly versatile, and whether fried, baked, or boiled, they make a great serving with kabobs. With an intriguing serving of kabobs and some veggies grilled to perfection, you will need starch to make it a balanced healthy diet. Fortunately, sweet potatoes happen to be one of the great sources of starch that pairs well with kabobs.

One of the reasons why sweet potatoes make an excellent serving with kabobs is because they are healthy, regardless of how you choose to prepare them. No matter your recipe, sweet potatoes will make a delicious dish when served with skewed steak kebabs.

If you want your dinner the best, you can add some caramelized onions and spinach.

  1. Lemon rice pilaf

Most people love fragrant white rice not only because they have an attractive smell but they are also a good source of carbohydrates and appetizing. It is so surprising how each rice recipe goes very well with kabobs. A pilaf cooked by preparing fragrant white rice in a rich broth with plenty of onions and a lot of lemon juice goes very well with grilled kabob. You don’t necessarily need to make your recipe complicated to enjoy; your mouth starts watering upon thinking about it.

If you want more flavors, you can bring pistachios, herbs, and scallions in your recipe. Whatever ingredients you improvise in your recipe, pilaf remains an excellent side dish to serve with grilled chicken or salmon kabobs.

  1. Orzo

Are you looking for a healthier pasta option to pair with skewed steak? Orzo is a great source of carbohydrates and makes a perfect pair when served with grilled kabobs. Orzo is tender and creamy; therefore, there is no doubt saying you will enjoy having it next to steak kabob – pork, beef, chicken, or tofu.

Many people like orzo because it is relatively easy and faster to whip up compared to rice. Make it nutritious and fanciful by adding whatever healthy spices you prefer.

  1. Dinner Rolls or slides

Bread is a good source of carbs to complement your kabob. Golden dinner rolls pair nicely with skewed beef or kitchen. You can either serve them with butter or remove your grilled kabobs from skewers to convert your fluffy rolls into satisfying sandwiches. If interested, you can make sliders.

Skewed meat plus well prepared rich rolls or doughs makes an incredibly healthy diet. Chief chefs prefer making your dinner rolls earlier.

  1. Grilled fruits

You like desserts, am I right? Ever craved or imagined how it would feel enjoying a barbecue desert. Even without grilling, fruits are known as one of the best and healthy foods. Indeed, some fruits are classified as superfoods. Fruits, vegetables, and meat, all grilled, make a delicious meal.

Most grill masters like skewing pineapples, melons, berries, pears, bananas, and peaches. Fruits also support weight loss goals. Grilling fruits limits the loss of nutrients, caramelizes them, and locks in flavor, making an incredibly delicious meal when served with kabobs.

  1. Potato salad

A meal constituting potato salad and grilled kabobs is gratifying and satiates. Stay simple and keep one side of your kabob serving creamy with boiled potatoes. You can keep it simple with some onions, celery, and ranch dressing or dedicate more time to make the most mouthwatering and delicious side with relish, boiled eggs, mayo, and mustard.

This side dish makes a great pair since potatoes are a great source of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins to complement skewed steak. Making potato salad is extremely easy, and the whole dinner is great if you are looking to consume considerably higher calories.

  1. Cucumber yogurt dip

Another good side dish to serve with kabob is the yogurt. Experts say that a mix of cucumber yogurt dip and pork kabobs do it best, allowing you to sail with a Mediterranean theme. Bringing yogurt into your dishes adds layers of refreshment and gives you some healthy probiotics. This does not exempt pairing it with grilled kabobs.

Depending on your preferences, you can consume it as subtle or dip your skewed steak and veggies in the yogurt mixture. Besides tasting ‘wow’, it makes a healthy diet to stay on low-carb.

  1. Corn pudding

At its core, corn pudding is a mixture of creamed corn and cornbread. Some you have never had before, pair your grilled juicy kabobs with creamy corn casserole to make one of the most delicious dishes ever. With a slice of nice chewy meat and crunchy vegetable texture contrast, you will sit to enjoy layers of sweetness.

Grilled steak kabob served with corn pudding makes one of the great dishes during celebrations. Because it is extremely easy and faster to make, it is one of the recommended dishes if you are in a rush or have serious work shifts.

  1. Maple glazed carrots

Even without kabobs, maple-glazed carrots make a great holiday serving. The honey plus maple syrup makes your carrots sticky and adds layers of sweetness. Roast your carrots to perfection and serve them with grilled salmon. You will never know how sweet it is until the bright orange glazed carrots get into contact with your tongue.

Do it all from your outdoors and make a great dinner that you must serve every week. Maple carrots are extremely easy to make and very delicious, making a perfect thanksgiving dish when paired with grilled kabobs.

  1. Coconut rice

Asian people stay healthy and beautiful, thanks to rice. Japan has proved to the world that rice is an essential food to add to your healthy diet. Rice, especially coconut rice, goes well with skewed steak and makes your dinner complete with every nutrient your body needs.

So, how do you make the best dinner with rice plus skewed meat? All you need to do is perfectly grill some chicken and cook plenty of rice. Add skewed pineapples to enjoy tropical flavors. This combined serving makes a great option for picnics, and you can also make them on a day you want to assume you are on vacation while indoors.

Make sure to completely whip up your rice using coconut milk in the place of water and add some brown sugar near the end for perfect tropical flavors.

  1. Salt and Vinegar potatoes

This is a good option if you are not having kabobs with potato bites. A serving consisting of some crispy roasted potatoes and tender kabobs will leave you requesting for more. It is gratifying. Keep it simple by coating your roasted potatoes with vinegar, olive oils, grated cheese, and delicious seasonings.

Leave along placing it on your tongue; this side dish is absolutely mouthwatering upon thinking about it.

  1. Green salad

It is indisputable that almost everybody likes salad and would want to see them on every serving. All salads, especially green salads, are energizing and are tasty when prepared expertly. Because salads are made from nutritious ingredients, they are perfect for a healthy diet.

If you are having meat-rich kabob dinner, grab your favorite greens and tomatoes plus any other preferred ingredient and make an attractive salad to pair with your kabobs. If you want more nutrients and extra protein to keep you fuller longer, make sure to add two boiled eggs to your serving.

This no-cook green salad adds juicy pop sweetness to complement your kabobs. It is good if you prepare it early enough so that it sits for some hours.

  1. Pasta salad

It is true that everyone likes having great summertime. Pasta salad gives another way to stay cool and is extremely easy to prepare. Although we have talked about orzo being a healthier pasta, it doesn’t mean this salad is not great for you.

Having plenty of fruits and varieties, pasta salads are tasty and healthy. They are a good way to have a cool side next to your perfectly grilled chicken or beef kabobs because they offer a compelling flavor you cannot get from skewers.

If you want to stay ordinary, you can opt to do it the Italian way with olives and Italian dressing or include sausages and choose to make it hearty. For a completely healthy dish, make a good choice of noodles.

  1. Cucumber Tomato salad

If you really cherish tasty goodies, this is the way to go. Tangy tomato and cucumber salad is invigorating and goes very well with skewed salmon. The salad is purely tomatoes and tomatoes with slivered red onions and finely dressed with zesty vinegar – no green veggies.

Cucumber and tomato salad with marinated kabobs will keep you asking for more. To cure your taste buds, you can improvise other ingredients like chopped fennel, avocado chunks, mozzarella balls, or crumbled feta in your serving.

  1. Lemon potatoes

This is the way to spice up things and enjoy throughout the summer with great dishes churched out of the grill. As you play cards, cook your chicken kabobs into perfection, then serve them lemon potatoes and a refreshing plain yogurt with some fresh cilantro or berries.

Make sure to utilize most of your fridge inhabitants – tomatoes, peppers, and fresh herbs – to make it interesting and tastier.

  1. Corn on the cob

What else do you crave for other than dishing to satiate from your backyard grilling point? A freshly grilled corn cob dripping in butter and generously garnished with pepper and salt does everything. It is attractive and gives your body a substantial amount of carbohydrates.

Seasoned vets in grilling know that corn on the cob is a classic side dish for all dishes where you must pull out the grill. Be it skewed cherry tomatoes, potato kabob, and for this matter, grilled meat; all will go well with corn on cobs. Balance it all and stay strong.

  1. Garlic roasted mushrooms

You want to do it from your outdoor space. Garlic roasted mushroom is another incredible side dish to serve with grilled kabobs. It is as delicious and healthier as it looks. Like corn, roasted mushrooms are a great side dish of any dish that involves pulling out the grill. Regardless of what you serve with garlic roasted mushrooms, and for that matter, perfectly grilled kabobs, they taste heavenly.

What Kind of Meat to use for Kabobs?

Honestly, the best meat to use for kabobs is fillet mignon. This is because the fillet mignon is soft and the leanest; therefore, you don’t necessarily need to marinate it to have something delicious. One thing to keep in mind when grilling kabobs is that fillest are best when skewed medium. They are slightly pricier, however.

So, is there a budget-friendly option? Top sirloins and rib-eyes are great options for grilled kabobs for people with tight budgets. Grill masters can grill them to be very tender and one of the most mouthwatering kabobs. Usually, it is a good idea to marinade your kabobs upfront and ensure to use a sour mix because it best tenderizes.

When making kabobs, try to avoid meat with connective tissues. Connective tissues are tough and will need more grilling time to make them tender. This is the last thing any grill master would want, especially when surrounded by a hungry crowd.


Grilled kabobs are such a versatile meal. They go well with almost every dish and are tasty. Most of the dishes that pair well with grilled kabobs allow you to prepare them 4-5 hours earlier. Enjoy your summertime with flavorsome dishes.