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Why Does BBQ Smoke Follow You and How to Prevent It 

Smoke is inevitable when dealing with BBQs, and it will most certainly follow you. But here is a question – why does BBQ smoke follow you? When barbecuing, the burning fire creates a vacuum, which the cool air from the surrounding should fill. Because you’re standing next to your BBQ, you slightly block the air […]

Why is BBQ Pork Red – Grilling tips!

Pork BBQ is one of the most common and delicious meals in most hotels, and probably the redness is what makes pork BBQ serving more sweet and delicious. So, why is pork BBQ red? Commonly known as char siu, red pork BBQ is made by marinating pork in a blend of red spices. The pork […]

Why is White Bread Served With BBQ?

White bread with a great BBQ sauce is darn good! If you frequently visit authentic BBQ joints, odds are, you have realized that most BBQ restaurants serve only white bread. So, why white? First off, fresh soft white bread is one of the best things in life and, of course, a summer staple in our […]

How to Remove Natural Gas Grill From Your Yard

Having a natural gas grill in your yard is a huge flex. With a natural gas grill, you will never run out of fuel for your outdoor family barbeques. On top of that, natural gas is more environmentally friendly than propane gas, or even charcoal. Even then, mounted natural gas grills can be quite an […]

Why Is BBQ So Expensive? Grill Tips!

Every time you enter a restaurant, do you find yourself ordering for BBQ? Maybe yes, if you are fun of eating the tasty roasted meat called BBQ, definitely once you enter a restaurant you will feel like ordering it. Or if you never tasted BBQ, you will admire it once you come across it. Its […]

Is It Okay To Leave Your Charcoal Barbecue Outside? 

It is dully your responsibility as a BBQ owner to take care of and maintain your grill. If you own outdoor barbecue grills, one of The major concerns is the outdoor climate that can do significant damage to your smoker and compromise its durability. All grills, regardless of their types, are vulnerable to rusting. So, […]