Are Grill Accessories Safe to Store Outside?

  • By: Peter Allen
  • Date: 09/24/2020
  • Time to read: 9 min.
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If you own a grill in your home or business, you probably know how important it is to have accessories that go along with it for all the grilling work. Grill accessories are some of the most crucial things to consider, and storing them properly is very important.

So, are grill accessories safe to store outside? That’s a question a lot of people ask, and although there is no precise answer to it, what you need to know is that it all depends on where you are and how the outside your premises look like.

Instead of throwing your grill accessories outside, you need to find the best ways to store them. There are plenty of ways to store grill accessories, and we are going to highlight them in this post later.

Disadvantages of Storing Grill Accessories Outside

Although most people prefer storing their grill accessories outside to save some space, this is usually one of the worst decisions you can make. Unless you have a well-organized cabinet outside to store your grill accessories, you should avoid throwing the tools away.

So, what are some of the disadvantages of storing grill accessories outside? Check them out below.

The accessories are prone to damages – When you store your grill accessories outside, you need to know that they are prone to damages.

Rust – If you have grill accessories made of iron, storing them outside without covering them properly attracts rust, thereby resulting in losses.

Theft –Unless you have a well-secured place, you should highly avoid storing your grill accessories outside at all costs. The last thing you want is to lose all your tools from theft because of keeping them outside.

When it comes to storing your grill accessories tools, it is essential to consider the best ways to do that is to ensure that everything is safe. Instead of storing the tools outside, you could consider various ways to keep them in good condition. Check out some of these ways below.

10 Best Ways to Store Your Grill Accessories

Here are some of the 10 best ways to store your grill accessories. If you have a safe place, you can use some of these ways to store the grill accessories outside to ensure they are in a good state.

1. Use a Utility Cart

One of the best ways to store your grill accessories is to consider using a utility cart. The good thing about utility carts is that you can use them on the go. When you have a utility cart, you have the option of cutting out spaces to hold the charcoal grill or other things.

You also have the doubling up the spaces to help to hold all the grill tools that you have. The advantage of considering a utility cart is that you can even make it yourself. You just have to follow all the DIY tips of making the cart for storing your accessories.

You can also consider having a utility cart with built-in compartments or hooks for hanging the tools. What’s more, a utility cart acts as a grill caddy, and this comes with a lot of benefits.

2. Consider Using a Grill Tool Bucket

Another option to consider for storing the grill accessories that you may have is the grill tool bucket. The good thing about using a grill tool bucket is that it can fit tools with long handles. You can place this bucket onto your grill countertop, which is quite easy.

When you use a grill tool bucket, you won’t have to worry about your tools being scattered all over the place. The bucket keeps all your grill accessories intact, thanks to all the space that it offers. However, it is crucial to consider using a grill tool bucket with a wider top than the bottom. You can measure the circumference of the grill tool bucket’s top to ensure it is 3 inches below the rim.

3. Use a File Holder

A file holder is one of the best storage options to consider for your grill accessories. Since it is not recommended to store your grill tools outside, using a file holder provides you with a convenient way of keeping all your tools in perfect condition, since you won’t have to worry about organizing them too much.

You can also consider using a set of mounted file holders for storing the grill accessories. Some of the tools you can store in your file holder include aluminum foil, spatulas, and cutting boards. When you have a file holder, you can store your BBQ tools properly and in an organized manner.

4. Grill Tool Box

closed tool boox on wood boards

Have you ever considered using a grill toolbox? This is one of the best ways you can store your grill accessories. Having a toolbox can sometimes get messy. However, a perfect grill toolbox will help you organize the tools well.

If you don’t store your tools properly, it is quite easy to lose them without your knowledge. Therefore, you need to consider using appropriate ways of making sure your tools are well stored. The good news is that a grill toolbox offers you that and much more. It organizes your tools and helps you find what you need faster without much strain.

5. Outdoor Cabinet

If your property’s outside area is well secured, you can consider storing your grill accessories outside through the use of an outdoor cabinet. An outdoor cabinet allows you to be creative and come up with an excellent place to keep all your grill tools so you can easily access them whenever you’re grilling outside.

You can mount the cabinet on the outside part of your wall, paint it well to have a pleasant look, and then set it up properly for storing your tools. When you’re all set and have the outdoor cabinet outside your home, make sure you organize the tools well and try as much as possible to keep safe.

6. Hook Rack

Hook racks are some of the best storage tools for all your grill accessories. Consider constructing a heavy-duty hook rack where you can hang all the essential grill accessories. A hook rack is multi-purpose and can serve you well in storing tools that you can easily hang.

If you prefer storing your grill accessories outside, then a hook rack offers you a good option. You can mount the hook rack on the outside area of your wall and then find something to cover up after hanging the tools. Consider using a hook rack made of stainless steel due to its heavy-duty feature.

7. Magnetic Tool Holder

A magnetic tool holder also comes in handy when it comes to storing grill accessories in your home. A magnetic tool holder is essential because it acts as a panel, with the only difference being the fact that it has built-in hooks.

What’s more, a magnetic tool holder is known to be quite versatile. A magnetic tool holder uses magnets to attach itself to a surface. Therefore, this means that a magnetic tool holder can also be used outdoors because you can easily mount it on your wall.

It offers plenty of options on where to put it, which means you won’t go through a lot of stress trying to figure where to keep it for storing your grill accessories.

8. Consider Using a Storage Case

It is always essential to keep the most important grill tools safe. Most people have a weakness in keeping their tools in bad conditions and regretting later on. You wouldn’t want to be in this position, would you?

Well, that is why you should consider using a good storage case to ensure your accessories are kept well. You need to have a storage case where you’re assured of the safety of your grill accessories.

Having this assurance gives you peace of mind and even makes your tool last longer than you anticipated. A grill storage case will never let you down as long as you organize the tools well when storing them inside. Therefore, this is something that you highly need to consider because it will not only help to keep your tools safe but also help you save on costs.

9. Barbecue Apron

We all know how barbecue aprons come in handy when grilling outdoors. One of the most recommended ways to store your grill tools is to consider using an apron. A barbecue apron offers plenty of room to store your tools for safety purposes, and the good thing is that you’ll always have them when doing your grilling.

The benefit of using a barbecue apron to store all your grill accessories is that you will save on costs because you won’t have to buy something else to store them. It serves two purposes: to help you while grilling and store the tools during and after grilling.

Using a barbecue apron will also save you the time to look for the tools when you need them since they’ll all be in the pockets of the apron.

10. Cuisinart Grill Tool Set

The Cuisinart grill toolset is one of the best storage tools to consider buying. Not only does it provide you with a convenient place for storing all your grill accessories, but it’s also very affordable. With the Cuisinart grill toolset, you’ll be able to organize your tools properly because it has 360 degrees rotating base and a 10-piece set.

This grill tool set also comes with 5 hooks to hang a spatula, locking tongs, silicone brush, five flat skewers, and a metal hook. There’s also a D-ring placed at the end of the handles to make it easier for you to hang some of the grill accessories.

Another essential benefit of using the Cuisinart grill toolset is that it features a sleek, portable, and modern design, which makes it ideal for using indoors in case you don’t want to store your tools outside. Built with stainless steel, this toolset guarantees durability and efficiency for all users.

Essential Tips

If you prefer storing your grill accessories outside, there are various options to consider to make it work properly.

You can consider adding a countertop area to the patio even if it’s small, through the use of rolling carts. A small butcher block table may also work, and then under it, you can create a small storage place for all your grill accessories.

Having an extra counter comes in handy and helps to ease off a load of storage for the accessories. However, this should be an alternative result if you’re unable to set up a built-in cabinet.

Another alternative for storing grill accessories outside is to use a bookcase to keep all the tools. If you happen to have a bookcase in your home that you maybe not be using, it can serve as an excellent storage option. Bookcases are known to be quite efficient and durable, which means you are guaranteed the best storage convenience for your grill tools.

A bookcase also offers plenty of room for storage of whatever tools you may have. When you use a bookcase as storage for your grill accessories, it’s quite easy to organize them the way you want, and even accessing them won’t be so difficult.

If you don’t have an extra bookcase to use, you can easily make it through many of the DIY tips that you can find online. Making a bookcase isn’t that hard, but you need to ensure that the one you build is strong enough to serve you well.


Can you store grill accessories outside, and is it safe? Well, that highly depends on your preferences. If you believe that outside your home is a great place to store your tool instead of your garage, then it wouldn’t be such a bad idea, provided you have a secure home.

You need to ensure that your tools are kept safe not only from theft but also from other natural conditions such as rust and damage. Remember, it is essential to save on costs for all your grill accessories, and the only way to do that is to make sure the tools remain in perfect condition for long.

We hope this post has provided you with insightful tips and relevant information regarding the storage of your grill accessories. Be sure to check out more of our posts to learn more about us.