Best Drip Pans for Gas Grills And Other Helpful Tips

  • By: Peter Allen
  • Date: 10/17/2020
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Are you in search of the best drip pans for gas grills? You are in the right place. Buying the right gas grill drip pan is essential and really comes in handy to ensure that everything runs smoothly when grilling outdoors.

The main function of a grill drip pan is to collect the flavorful juices from the meat to use in a sauce or stock. It helps to keep them away from the flame and prevents flare-ups. It also keeps oil from coating the water in the pan and prevents evaporation.

Uses of Drip Pans for Gas Grills

There are many uses of drip pans for gas grills that you need to learn about. They include:

• You can use it for baking barbecue side dishes.

• You can use a gas grill drip pan as a heat sink inside the grill for slow and low temperatures.

• It serves as a perfect container to help collect drippings from grilled foods.

• A gas grill drip pan can also be used to keep the inside part of your grill clean.

• It helps to separate charcoal when you’re using an indirect method.

• You can use a gas grill drip pan to keep a huge amount of food warm.

• You can use it as a container to add fruits or vegetables while you grill.

• You can use drip pans for gas grills to soak chips and wood chunks.

• Used as temporary storage for leftovers or food.

• You can also use a gas grill drip pan to give to someone as a gift.

How to Make a Good Gas Grill Drip Pan

Did you know that you can make a gas grill drip pan on your own? In as much as it may difficult to believe, it’s actually effortless to make a grill drip pan for yourself. Here are the steps that you need to take:

  1. Take a piece of aluminum foil and roll it out to at least 12 inches long, and then set out the wood plank to ensure it’s ready for use.
  2. Take the heavy cardboard shoebox lid and ensure the top side of the foil is placed on the bottom side up.
  3. Completely cover the lid with foil by folding it in half over the lid and push the foil into the lid.
  4. Turn over the box lid covered in aluminum and put a thick strip of hot glue down the lid’s center. Take the lid and place it upside down onto the plank of the wood and then press it down to ensure the glue is well secured.
  5. Take the plank of wood and set it below the barbecue pit. If there happen to be any thick bars connecting the front legs to the grill’s back legs, you can set the plank of the wood across them. However, you have to ensure that the wood is completely and in a secure position.

3 Best Drip Pans for Gas Grills to Consider Buying

Here are the 3 best drip pans for gas grills to consider buying.

1. Fig & Leaf Drip Pans

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The Fig & Leaf drip pans are efficient gas grill drip pans that are compatible with Blackstone and can significantly help you keep your grill clean. The good thing about these drip pans is that they are easy to clean and dispose of. They come in a pack of 30 pieces and a heavy-duty disposable aluminum foil.

Fig & Leaf drip pans are not difficult to clean, and you can do it fast thanks to their design. You can simply insert the aluminum foil liner into the drip pan of the grill, grill away, and then toss it when full. They also have a good dimension and are eco-friendly.

2. DOBI Grills Drips Pans Compatible with Weber

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The DOBI grills drip pans are durable foil pans made with aluminum. They are sturdy pans that make it easier for you clean and breeze. What makes these among the best drip pans for gas grills is that they are compatible with the grease trays of weber grills. They grill drip pans are made of eco-friendly and recyclable aluminum.

When using these grill drip pans, you won’t have to struggle with any cleanup; once you’re done using them, you can throw away. You can save time and money by purchasing them in bulk to help simply maintain your grill efficiently.

3. Bbq Funland Aluminum Drip Pans

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The BBQ Funland aluminum drip pans are the best options for BBQ grilling. They come in a set of 10 grill drip pans, which are made of aluminum. They can fit all the Weber gas grills such as Spirit gas grills, Weber Q grills, and Genesis gas grills.

With these drip pans, you also won’t have to struggle with cleaning. They are ready to serve, and once you are done with them, you can easily dispose of them. When you are grilling outside, the BBQ Funland aluminum drip pans can catch grease and drips from the BBQ, and they help to make your work easier.

These aluminum drip pans are ideal for preparing food and cooking side dishes. They are also very easy to dispose of and are eco-friendly. They feature convenient dimensions, which are 8.5 inches x 6 inches. Therefore, these are quite ideal for gas grills.

How to Clean a Drip Pan

It is essential to consider cleaning a drip pan for gas grills often. So, what are some of the ways you can clean your drip pan? A lot of people ask this question, and we’ll answer it here today. Check out how you should clean your gas grill drip pan:

  1. Slide your drip pan first before you clean.
  2. Ensure that you clean the drip pan frequently at least 4 to 5 times to avoid grease from building up.
  3. To properly remove all the debris, scrape the pan with a scraper or knife.
  4. Replace your drip pan every 2 to 3 weeks.


Features of the best drip pans for gas grills are the ones that determine how efficient and useful they can be. Therefore, you have to ensure that you check and purchase precisely what you need to avoid regretting later on. Luckily, you can easily replace gas grill drip pans in case the ones you have don’t serve you properly.