The Ultimate Guide To Propane BBQ Grill vs Oven

  • By: Peter Allen
  • Date: 10/16/2020
  • Time to read: 8 min.

Propane bbq grill vs. oven, which one is better? This is a question that you are probably asking yourself right now if you are thinking of buying any of the above. Even though grill and oven are similar in many ways, the two have many distinct differences. Many people believe that gas gills are ovens are the same and often regret later when they realize that they bought the wrong cooking equipment. In this post, we will discuss everything you need to know about propane bbq grill vs. oven to help you make an informed decision when buying one.

What is propane bbq gas grill?

A propane bbq gas grill is a cooking appliance that cooks food by applying heat from below. When food is placed on the grill, heat is transferred to the food via thermal radiation. In propane bbq gas grill, heat is not distributed evenly because heat is applied from below. That is why you have to turn the food frequently to cook evenly. Propane bbq gas grills are powered by LPG (propane) and are usually used for outdoor cooking. Propane bbq gas grills are used to prepare a wide variety of foods, including steak, chicken, vegetables, bacon, etc.

What is an oven?

An oven is a thermally insulated chamber in a cooker used for heating and cooking food. Ovens are commonly used for roasting, cooking, and baking food. Unlike propane bbq gas grills where heat is applied from below, temperatures are distributed evenly in ovens. Some ovens provide heat by a technique known as broiling, where heat is produced from the top instead of the bottom as it is the case with grills.

Propane BBQ Grill vs. Oven, What is the Difference?

Now that you know the difference between these two cooking appliances, it is time to focus on their differences. Propane bbq gas grills and ovens are similar to the fact that they are both used for cooking foods. However, the two have many distinct differences, as discussed below.

Heat distribution

One of the major differences between propane bbq grill and oven is heat distribution. Propane bbq grills distribute heat from below. On the other hand, ovens are thermally insulated and thus distribute heat evenly. Some ovens provide heat by a technique known as broiling, where heat is produced from the top instead of the bottom as it is the case with grills. The fact that propane bbq grills are heated from below means that food is placed on the grates directly below the heat source. On the other hand, ovens’ heat distribution is even, meaning that food is heated from all sides. As such, food is not placed directly under the flame as it is the case with grills.

That is why ovens are preferred for making cakes and bread, while grilling is preferred for cooking meat.


Propane bbq gas grills are generally bigger than ovens and are usually placed outdoors, mostly in the backyard. On the other hand, ovens are smaller in size and traditionally kept inside the kitchen.


In Propane bbq grills, the intense direct heat from below chars the food. However, that is not the case with ovens where heat distributed is sufficient to cook the food but not as intense as in grill. As a result, Propane bbq grills usually cook faster than ovens because of the high temperatures that they generate.


Propane bbq gas is powered by LPG, while ovens can be powered by propane, electric, and gas.

Convenience: Propane bbq grills are easy to start, heat up quickly, and supply a steady temperature.

Multiple cooking options- Propane bbq grills heat up in less than 5 minutes and offer many cooking options. Whether you want indirect heat or numerous cooking zones, propane bbq grills will give you precisely what you are looking for.

Taste- Propane bbq grills allow flavor and seasoning to stand out, especially when cooking, such as meat, chickens, and fish.

Versatility- Many propane bbq grills come with numerous accessories such as side burners, spice racks, storage drawers, and much more that not only makes your cooking experience fun but also expands your cooking station.

Faster cooking time-Propane bbq grills are relatively quicker than other cooking devices, including ovens.

Cons of propane bbq grills

Heat distribution is a big issue. The fact that heat comes from below means that there is no even heat distribution. This can cause food to overcook or undercook.
Quite expensive compared to other cooking tools

Benefits of oven

It distributes heat evenly hence ideal for baking and cakes and bread
Ovens are easier to use compared to grills
It takes less time to heat food without altering taste and nutrition
No risk of food being overcooked or undercooked


Quite bulky hence not easy to transport. It is not as portable as Propane bbq grills. Most of them are made of very heavy components. Additionally, most of them are usually attached to a concrete slab, making it difficult to transport.

Propane BBQ Grills vs. Oven, Which One is Better?

Both Propane bbq grills and oven are unique in their ways. The right choice depends on your cooking needs. For instance, if you are planning to cook meat, chicken, or fish, then the grill is a great choice. It not only grills food with great aroma and deep rich taste, but it also cooks faster. On the other hand, if you want to bake cake or bread, then the oven is an excellent choice because it distributes heat evenly.

But in general, Propane bbq grills is much better than an oven because it is equipped with many features that make your cooking enjoyable and allows you to cook a wide variety of food. It also grills food with great taste and aroma and cooks faster.

Important things to consider when choosing a propane bbq grill

Propane bbq grills are the most popular type of grill on the market. They are convenient, easy to use, cooks fast, portable, and give you total control. But the propane bbq grill that you choose will determine your grilling experience and the quality of food you will grill. That is why it is vital to purchase the right propane bbq grill. But with so many propane gas grill on the market, each claiming to be of high quality, finding one that suits your grill needs can be a daunting task. Luckily, today you have landed in the right place. In this section, we will discuss important things to consider when choosing a propane bbq grill.

Consider the type of material used.

One crucial thing to consider when purchasing a propane bbq grill is the quality of material used to make the grill. This factor is vital because it determines the grill’s sturdiness and durability. The last thing you want is investing in a propane bbq grill that breaks down after a few months because it is made of low-quality materials. Propane bbq grills are made of different materials, including aluminum, cast iron, and stainless steel. If you want your propane bbq grill to last for long, then you should choose one that is made of stainless steel because this material is strong, durable, and resistant to rust and corrosion

Consider whether it is assembled or not

This is a crucial factor that most people usually overlook when purchasing a propane bbq grill. Not all propane bbq grill comes assembled. Some are halfway assembled while others come 100% assembled. If you have the skills and tools needed to assemble the grill, then it okay to choose one that is not preassembled. On the other hand, if you lack the skills and tools required to assemble the grill, then you should choose one that is 100% preassembled.

Consider portability

The reason why most people prefer propane bbq grills is that they are portable. Unlike natural gas grills that cannot be moved to different locations, most propane bbq grills are portable. If you are planning to use your grill in various areas in your backyard or plan to travel with the grill when going camping, you should choose one that is portable. Important factors to consider when considering propane bbq grill portably include overall design (should be compact), weight (should be lightweight, and ease of mobility (should have wheels for easy transportation).

Consider product warranty

This is another crucial factor that most people overlook when purchasing a propane bbq grill. You can quickly determine whether the propane bbq grill that you are about to purchase is of high quality by checking its warranty. Generally, propane bbq grills that come with extensive warranty are usually of higher quality than those with short or no warranty. If a product has a warranty, it means that the manufacturer will be 100% liable if it develops manufacturing defects before the warranty period elapses. If you want to be on the safe side, choose a propane bbq grill with an extensive warranty (at least five years).

Consider BTU

British thermal unit (BTU) refers to the maximum heat produced by the grill burners. In most cases, propane bbq grill with higher BTU produces more heat than those with lower BTU. However, important to note that BTU does not always mean more heat. There are many other important factors, such as thick side and a snug-fitting lid that determines the grill’s ability to produce and retain heat. If you plan to grill heavier meats like steak, it is recommended that you purchase a propane bbq grill with BTU that ranges between 50,000 and 60,000. On the other hand, if you plan to grill light foods such as vegetables, chicken, or fish, you should purchase a gas grill with BTU that ranges between 35,000 and 50,000.

Consider brand

The number of companies manufacturing propane bbq grill has nearly doubled over the last two decades. The increase in the number of manufacturers is mainly attributed to the rise in demand for propane bbq grill. Although all brands claim to manufacture high-quality propane bbq grills, the reality is that some brands are known to manufacture high-quality propane bbq grills then others. Purchasing a propane bbq grill is a huge investment. You should, therefore, ensure that you don’t make a mistake when making a purchase. One of the best ways to increase your chances of buying a high-quality propane bbq grill is by buying it from a reputable brand that has proven beyond doubt to manufacturer reliable, durable and efficient grills with great features.

Consider size

The propane bbq grill’s size will determine the amount of food you will grill at a go. If you have a large family, you should purchase a large propane bbq grill that will allow you to grill a large amount of food at a go comfortably. On the other hand, if you have a small family (less than five members), purchasing a small-sized propane bbq grill is okay.

Consider the quality of grates and burners.

Grates and burners are one of the most crucial components on a propane bbq grill. Therefore, before you make your final decision, check the material’s quality that these two critical components are made of. The quality of material that the grates are made of will determine the quality of foods you will cook on the grill. For instance, if you want the grate to create impressive deep grill lines, you choose a propane bbq grill with grates made of porcelain-coated wire or porcelain-coated cast iron. On the other hand, if you are looking for grates that conduct heat evenly, resistant to rust, and are easy to clean, you should choose a propane bbq grill with grates made of stainless steel.

The quality of burners is also an important factor to consider when buying a propane bbq grill. Look for a gas grill that has burners with tented bars known as favourers that help to protect the burner from being clogged. Additionally, if you want to have more control when grilling, you should choose a propane gas grill with more burners.