Why is White Bread Served With BBQ?

  • By: Peter Allen
  • Date: 07/07/2021
  • Time to read: 3 min.

White bread with a great BBQ sauce is darn good! If you frequently visit authentic BBQ joints, odds are, you have realized that most BBQ restaurants serve only white bread. So, why white?

First off, fresh soft white bread is one of the best things in life and, of course, a summer staple in our homes. The white bread served with BBQ does a very simple yet critical job – soaking up the drippings. Although white bread has nothing to do with the flavor, that one slice in the carryout container soaks the fats, juices, and sauces left on the plate after eating the steak.

If you have ever tried sopping up anything with the spongy, aerated white bread, you know that a slice of white bread is the best compliment for a BBQ having plenty of sauces, pickles, and onions. Read on to learn more about the wonders of white bread and more about BBQ servings.

BBQ with white bread

Gravy is that happy, inevitable mingling of drippings and sauce at the end of a meal, which has allowed the white bread to be exalted in all its glutinous, sop-worthy glory. Traditionally, white bread was placed at the bottom of the pan before the finished BBQ was sliced on top. Since then, white bread and gravy became a filler staple during the same time.

Over time, the white bread has proved to be the perfect medium for sopping up gravy indestructibly, and every authentic BBQ joint has this figured out. Of course, if you have ever tried soaking up anything without a slice of white bread, you certainly know the futility of the substitution you had.

Considering that BBQing puts so much flavor into the meat, a serving with white bread allows you to enjoy the flavorsome meat optimally.

Notably, many people don’t understand the purpose of the white bread served with barbecue. Some think the white bread is for making sandwiches. Others don’t eat it because they can’t figure out what the heck to do with the slices. If you belong to either group, next time you visit your favorite BBQ restaurant, make sure to use white bread – it allows you to slop up the last little taste without necessarily using your tongue to lick the plate. All in all, it is not a must to use white bread as you can elect to waste the last few drops of sauces.

What are the Benefits of Serving White Bread with Barbecue?

In most classic restaurants, white bread is often served as a complementary accompaniment along with pickles, onions, and sauce. Well, although many people who do not understand the use of the few slices can’t imagine taking white bread alone, it has never got a perfect substitution. White bread is more absorbent than a paper towel and has a slightly better taste.

Interestingly, white bread has some nutritional and health benefits, which make it an essential part of a healthy, balanced diet. The white bread is fortified with calcium, and consuming only four slices along with your succulent meat provides you with 30% of the recommended calcium daily intake. This keeps your bones and teeth strong.

Although it is not much of a foodstuff as it is, white bread, particularly the wholegrain, served with BBQ, provides you with dietary fiber that maintains your digestive system’s health. White bread provides you with iron, which boosts energy and concentration, healthy blood, and the overall immune system. You also get a good dose of a vast range of vitamins and minerals, including Niacin and thiamine, which are essential for your body.

Although white bread serves as a napkin, there is yet no substitute that does the job well while offering nutritional benefits. If this is all true, why can’t you pause in your barbeque dinner to celebrate the white forgotten, never-to-be-respected, always-to-be-reviled, and eternally square slices of white bread on the carryout container?