Is It Okay To Leave Your Charcoal Barbecue Outside? 

  • By: Peter Allen
  • Date: 06/29/2021
  • Time to read: 9 min.

It is dully your responsibility as a BBQ owner to take care of and maintain your grill. If you own outdoor barbecue grills, one of The major concerns is the outdoor climate that can do significant damage to your smoker and compromise its durability. All grills, regardless of their types, are vulnerable to rusting. So, is it better than keeping your outdoor BBQ inside? Keep reading this article for more essential tips and information about this topic.

Can I Leave my Charcoal Or Gas BBQ Outside?

Well, regardless of the material it is made of, all smokers and grills can be kept outside. Some, however, hold up longer than others. What matters is the amount of care and maintenance it is accorded. This, to a great extent, determines how well it will withstand the odds outside. Small models can be kept in a garage or a shed. Gas and charcoal grills follow a similar model. High-quality barbecue grills can withstand almost all environmental conditions. If you own a lower-end barbeque grill, it is a great idea to cover it to prolong its life.

Leaving your Charbroil Outside

Now that you have confidence you can keep your BBQ outside, where exactly should you place it? How do you store your grill outside during winter? Can you invest in a grid cover? We are going to answer these questions and more in the next section of the article. Be it a gas or a charcoal grill, and it is essential for you to inspect them regularly and properly if you have left them outside. Remember, they are vulnerable to harsh environmental conditions, and maintenance is key.

Can You Leave Your Charcoal Grill Outside?

Yes. A charcoal BBQ can be stored anywhere, provided it fits. Of course, there are certain things you are required to do before you store it outside. You need to clean and oil your BBQ grates, including the fire pan. Then identify a safe placement point, cover it and store your barbecue for the next use. If winter is encroaching and you have concerns that your grill might be buried in the snow, it is a noble idea to move it to a more protected area. This could be under a shade or in a garage. Winter can be very harsh.

Can You Keep A Gas barbecue Outside During Winter?

Yes. Provided temperatures are not lower than -44 degrees, and you can leave your gas grill outside even in winter. Anything less than that temperature makes your gas grill too cold to produce The required gas vapor. To be safe, store it under a shade or a garage.

How Can You Store Your BBQ Grill Outside During Winter?

There are a few and simple steps to store your grill. First, make sure that the propane tank is connected. And it should be shut off. Then get a grill cover and cover your grill with it. In case you want to remove the propane tank, make sure that plastic is taped over the gas line. This bars insects from nesting in it. These proper storage tapes can keep your grill in good working conditions for many years.

How Can You Prepare Your Grill For Winter?

It is important to get your grill prepared to face the hostile winter weather. How you do this depends on the type of grate you have. The first thing is to check the grill’s user manual. This is The source of exact requirements for your specific grill.

Here are some tips on how to prepare your grill for winter. Read on.

  1. Fire Up Your Grill

It is recommended to light up your grill for about 20 minutes. This makes it easier to clean. Additionally, it removes any food residues that usually stick on the grates when grilling. This should be the very first thing you do before you embark on grilling.

  1. Turn the Fuel Source Off

Make sure that you turn the gas or propane BBQ off before you keep it outdoor. Propane tanks are designed to withstand all environmental conditions. It is not advisable to keep it indoors. Keep it outside in a well-ventilated area.

  1. Thoroughly Clean the Grill

You need to properly clean the grill. Both outside and outside should look neat and tidy. A wire brush should be used to execute this job. Use soap water to perfect the job. Then make sure it is completely dry to avoid cases of rusting.

  1. Cover The Grill Properly.

Invest in a formidable grill cover. This ensures that it is protected from harm posed by environmental conditions. A generic grill cover is also available, and it fits most models of grills.

  1. Store The Grill In An Ideal Place

The point you choose to store your grill outside should be safe and protected. It should not be exposed to too much sunlight. A shade or a garage is the ideal placement area, especially during winter. Before you choose this placement point, it is always advisable to consider whether your BBQ can tolerate different climatic conditions.

Should You Cover the Outside Of Your Grill?

Definitely, purchase a good BBQ cover and cover the entire outside of your grill. This keeps snow and rain off the surface of your barbecue and guarantees durability. It also prevents possible rusting. This is usually the case if you reside near an ocean where salt and humidity can cause great damage to your grill.

Can You Store A Charcoal BBQ Outside?

It does no harm to store a charcoal BBQ in the garage. Just ensure that safety precautions are well adhered to. This includes removing all the charcoal in the grill. Any cleaning carried on a charcoal grill must be done when it has completely cooled down.

Where Can You Place Your BBQ Outside?

The placement area of your grill depends on a number of factors. This includes grilling platform area, distance, safety concerns, and the type of BBQ you own. It is important to note that outside storage of grills comes with more safety measures. Ensure that the grilling is done on a non-flammable surface. Also, keep it away from structures, lawn materials, and plants that might catch fire with ease.

Outdoor Grilling Safety Tips

Outdoor grilling is quite simple if you adhere to a few safety rules. There is no denying, however, that outdoor grilling offers more challenges you don’t usually face in the kitchen. Annual estimates of home fires caused by outdoor grilling reach up to 10,000 cases. So, whether your grilling is powered by propane, wood, or charcoal, you need to equip yourself with important safety tips. Grilling uses open flames, which can flare up at any moment and potentially pose a danger. To start with, any outdoor grid should be sturdy, steady, mechanically, and physically sound.

Firstly, always make sure that your outdoor grill is situated in an open space with ideal ventilation. And since it involves the use of open fame, you need to ensure that there is no flammable material around the grilling place. You should place it in a safe place away from buildings and railings. When it comes to outdoor grilling, put the following dos into consideration:


● Place your grill on a flat, stable surface.

● Go through the instructions on your grill’s user manual. Every grill has a specific guide.

● Hot grates should be kept away from lawn materials, dry bushes, buildings, and any other structures that might pose a fire hazard.

● If you are using a propane grate, make sure that your gas or propane tank is upright.

● After every use, clean the grill thoroughly.

● Always ensure that your broil is in the proper physical and mechanical state before use.

● If you are using a charcoal grate, always make sure that you light the charcoal using the appropriate fluid designed for that purpose.

● For gas grills, turn it off when not in use.

● Always use a long-handled BBQ tool to handle your food. This helps to avoid burns.

● Pay close attention to the direction of the smoke.

● Always take with you fire extinguishers as a preparation for any unexpected fires.

● Propane barbecues should only be lit with the lid open.

● Before you dispose of any charcoal, make sure that all of it is completely extinguished.


Grilling is fun. But you always need to be careful not to do certain things for your safety’s sake. Here is a list of things you should not do:

● Do not allow any pets or children in the grilling area.

● Do not spray any flammable substances in the grilling area or on hot waste coals.

● Do not leave a grill unattended while it is in use.

● Do not store your griddle until it is completely cool. Neither should you cover it with any material

● Do not store propane cylinders in a vehicle.

● Do not spray flares with water. Simply move your food to cooler parts of the grill as you wait for the flame to somehow die down. If it is a boat grate, then it should have proper shields to prevent splashing that might cause burns.

● Do not leave lighter fluid where children can access it.

● Do not smoke when you are under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Grilling Outside: Important Tips

The don’ts be kept at the back of your mind as you organize to execute your grilling. Safety is key. And so is the quality of the food you are grilling. After all, it is all about getting your food ready and delicious. We have compiled a quick and inclusive list of basic grilling tips. Read on.

  1. Clean the Grate Of Your Grill

Maintaining your BBQ clean is a primary rule and serves to accomplish many things. First, it prevents whatever food you are grilling from sticking onto the grill’s surface. Second, it helps you to avoid ending up with nasty burns from the previous grilling work. By all means, your current meal should be fresh and delicious. Lastly, maintaining your grate in clean state help to avoid any buildup of chunks of remains from subsequent grilling work.

  1. Watch Your Grill

Outdoor grilling demands more attention than indoor grilling. You need to be particularly careful with frequent flare-ups that come up from the grill. This could spoil a well-planned meal and make the whole experience a nightmare. So, to achieve quality results, you would better monitor every detail of the grilling process.

  1. Give It Time

You need to grill for the appropriate time. Even if patience is not your thing, you will still have to wait until The meal is grilled to the optimum state. Take your time to prepare your food well, to heat the grill to the right heating state. Lastly, take your time to properly season and cook your meal. It is a lot of fun and thrill to enjoy the time you take doing the outdoor grilling.

  1. Spice Your Meal Before Cooking It

If you are going to marinate your food, which is highly recommended, make sure it is done at least an hour before you start grilling it. Seasoning your food early allows its flavor to be absorbed fully into the food. Be it marinade, a sprinkling of seasonings, or dry rubs, all these should be added earlier.

  1. Oil Your Food Lightly.

Do not oil the grill grate since it is quickly burnt by the heat in it. It is a cool trick to lightly oil the meal itself. It prevents it from sticking to the grill’s surface.

  1. Use the Right Tools

Forks, brushes, and long-handled tongs are some of the requisite tools you need when executing outdoor grilling. Before you embark on outdoor grilling, make sure you have these tools with you. Aprons can also be worn—even gloves.


It is perfectly safe to leave your broiler outside. While this is true, you always need to understand that different climatic conditions have a great impact on the performance of your broiler, durability, and appeal. Covering your grill with an ideal grid cover is one of the measures you can take to ensure that your barbecue is safe outside. Carry out proper cleaning as hinted in this article and check on it for any maintenance that might be required. How you roast your meal is also a great subject of consideration. Stick to the guide highlighted in this article.